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Wetter für Grenada. Die aktuelle Wettervorhersage für Grenada mit Temperaturen und Niederschlagsprognose. Der 16 Tage Wetter Trend für Grenada. Temperatur, Wetterzustand, Sonnenstunden und Regenwahrscheinlichkeit in der 16 Tagesübersicht. Aktuelles Wetter für Grenada ✓. Die aktuelle Wettervorhersage für heute und die nächsten 15 Tage im 6-Stunden-Takt. Alle Wetterdaten für Grenada.


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Umstellung auf ungemütlichen Herbst Temperaturen, Niederschlag in St. Die Temperaturen sinken und somit steht der jährliche Wechsel von Sommer- auf Winterreifen an. Die gesamten jährlichen Niederschläge liegen auf Grenada durchschnittlich bei 2. Februar Feb Beste Reisezeit Reisez. Beste Reisezeit Quebec inkl. Bergwetter Tirol Da wären Sie jetzt auch gern?{/ITEM}

Genaue Hinweise zum Wetter, Klima und der besten Reisezeit auf Grenada ( Karibik). Das herrschende Klima auf Grenada ist tropisch warm und immerfeucht mit vergleichsweise geringen Temperaturunterschieden im Jahresverlauf. Aktuelles Wetter für Grenada ✓. Die aktuelle Wettervorhersage für heute und die nächsten 15 Tage im 6-Stunden-Takt. Alle Wetterdaten für Grenada.{/PREVIEW}

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{ITEM-100%-1-2}No threat to us as it seems Beste Spielothek in Hilgenroth finden be staying in the Atlantic and moving NorthWest. This was suddenly broken, with a vengeance on Wednesday afternoon, when the heavens opened just as we were leaving to drop, afore said relatives, at the airport. But we still have a few rain showers, both on the radar and visible from Elitepartner alter. TripAdvisor LLC is not responsible for content on external panda hat sites. The radar shows a lot of showers moving down from the North-East, all part of the outer rings of Isaac. The radar shows some rain passing as I type this, with another band approaching. Have a nice day Hogan. You have been sent 1 picture. Wed, 1 Aug Fri, 10 The book of dead unity But they are improving News Archives - Get Free Spins at the Best UK Online Casino | PlayOJO the time. My expectation is maybe some showers and probably some possibly heavy with thunder. One Caribbean Weather TV station online. Seems to have moved off, but looks like we could possibly get more this evening.{/ITEM}

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Her dedication changes that. March Madness brought great strides. Workers focused on building 4 cottages and training the team on the Endura Block System.

Levera Beach Resort donates to Junior Achievement Grenada, where students presented their executive summary for Cocoa Galore, a company focusing on using high quality products made from local cocoa.

February brought Levera great weather in the sky and plenty of progress on the ground. This is a very exciting time for the Levera Resort, as the construction pace quickens, and begins to take form.

The Levera Beach Resort is moving forward on its commitment to donate 1, computer tablets to benefit local school children.

Starting up after the Christmas and New Year holidays, the Levera construction team has made great advancements of the past month.

The presentation took place at the groundbreaking ceremony held in November, Levera Beach Resort News. Construction Images - Aug Stay out of the hurricane belt on Grenada.

But one woman is changing that. March Construction Update. Do come again, it isn't normally like this! This was a snap of the weather radar at You have been sent 1 picture.

Good morning to Grenada. For a start, it left behind, near Barbados, a huge blob of rain and thunder. Looking this morning they are still getting rain this morning but it does seem to be moving West and, hopefully, slowing down.

Yes I said West, the radar is now showing rain to the North and East of Grenada, with what looks like a heavy band in the Grenadines, including Possibly Carriacou.

As for the centre of Kirk, instead of going through about Martinique about yesterday lunch time, decided to follow a more South-Westerly direction through St Lucia some damage and power outages.

It is expected to drop to a Tropical Depression later today. The last advisory I saw mentioned a Tropical Storm watch in the Grenadines. Down here in the South, I wouldn't rule out some rain from the big blob just to the north of us, that is if Kirk decides to whip it's tail.

At least, at last we are getting a slight Southerly breeze. This should pick up as the day goes on, as it turns to a more South-Easterly direction.

The latest radar is showing a pulse of showers just to the NW of Grenada and pushing towards us, not sure if it will reach here or not.

I am still waiting to see the StormCarib post from Barbados. But it looks as if they had a grim night. All the best and still be prepared.

Thu, 27 Sep This must have been the strangest Tropical storm most of us can remember. Earlier today none of us could find where the centre was.

It left the rain behind just East of Barbados. The rain stayed there most of the day. It is still not clear, to most of us, where the centre is.

It had been expected to have passed through the chain about midday. The major problem seems to be the rain that is trailing it. Barbados seems to be really getting clobbered.

Here in Grenada, no rain yet , no wind yet , no storm yet , although there is lightning way out to the SW and more somewhere to the North.

The biggest problem could be the rain that is way out to our east, will it move west towards us, who knows? The other interesting thing is how quiet the experts have been - I think they are as baffled as the rest of us.

I think all we can do is wait to see what happens over night. Kirk for some time today moved to the West, but left most of it's rain behind it.

Not sure now how much rain will now fall further up the chain, but it does look as if Barbados may get some of this trailing rain very soon. As for down here, we are looking forward to getting our breeze back.

But we could also get the sting from the tail of Kirk, with some rain later tonight visible on the radar as a curl coming down from Barbados.

But if that also brings the breeze from the South , it will be very welcome. All the best to the islands further up the chain this evening.

Kirk is dying, but probably won't give up without a fight. Hi, I have just spotted a post from Barbados saying that it appears that Kirk hasn't moved.

This was my feeling looking at some of the satellite images. But looking at the visible light images what appears to have happened, and I am not sure what the experts have to say, is that the centre of circulation is now North of Barbados this is backed up by the airport wind direction degs at 24 knts.

It looks as if it has left most of the heavy rain behind to the East of Barbados. My guess is that the centre of the depression has indeed continued on course, but the wind shear is really taking it's toll.

Let's hope so for Dominica's sake. I have been looking for comments from Wunder Blog etc, but see none. Are they baffled as well.

In Grenada we still have no wind. The radar isn't showing much rain around where we would expect the centre of Kirk to be.

Also hardly a blip out to our East. Where are the experts? Shame that Barbados radar is still not working? Satellite images are showing a clean front edge with no out spilling to the West.

This I assume is it being hit by the high level winds clearly pushing the top off to the NE. It does seem to have a very active core, with highest winds to the North and East of the centre.

It looks as if the centre will pass about miles North of Barbados then on to the southern part of Martinique. Down here in Grenada, where we just had another storm pass through.

My expectation is maybe some showers and probably some possibly heavy with thunder. We could get windy squalls near heavy rain showers.

With light winds, I wouldn't be surprised to see some heavy rain showers building over the island. A couple of small showers visible to the East and South oh and one just arrived on our roof.

The radar is showing very few blips to our east, between us and Barbados. So my thoughts are going to the islands that will be north of Kirk, as it passes through.

Where they will get the highest winds and probably very heavy rain. All the best Hogan. Wed, 26 Sep First I would like to thank the many people that have requested that I continue with the posts.

It is too early to blame this on Kirk, but guess it may have something to do with it. Kirk is following it's expected path.

Apart from possible heavy rain, thunder storms. Grenada should not get any tropical storm force winds. On the contrary, the winds should be light for the next 24 hours.

Picking up from the South and South East Friday. Kirk is approaching Barbados with a central pressure of mb, it is at That is just over miles East of Barbados, or over miles East of Grenada.

It is hoped that Kirk should very soon start to be affected by the wind shear , the intensity models reflect this. Tomorrow morning will tell, at least in Barbados.

I wish all our friends a safe Thursday. I have just heard on local news and on a website that NaDMA have issued the following statement: As the agency charged with the responsibility of disaster management, we advise against the publishing of information that will create undue panic among citizens and that we support and disseminate the information issued by our local experts'.

I assume that includes people like ourselves who try to make sense of all the various websites out there. So my post will be brief until I get feedback that my posts are useful.

Briefly, it looks as if Kirk will pass just north of Barbados tomorrow morning and will pass through the chain in the vicinity of St Lucia later tomorrow.

May I suggest you listen to the official media for updates. I will make no further comments on how I believe it will affect Grenada, Leave that to the experts.

I request feedback as to whether you feel that my posts have been useful. Tropical Storm Kirk is back with us. It's predicted track is just north of Barbados then through the Lesser Antilles near Martinique.

Although it is only a tropical storm, this is likely to bring heavy rain and high winds. We, in Grenada, are too far South, on present track, of it to get strong winds.

But we could get some heavy rain and storms. More likely that we will notice hardly any wind on Thursday, with it picking up later in the day from the South.

Kirk is currently miles East of Grenada. For today, there are very few showers on the radar and some high hazy cloud. Hopefully we will see more of the Sun today?

Tue, 25 Sep Kirk seems to have broken through the Sahara dust area. This is it's only chance to formally get it's name back.

It is predicted to briefly build, possibly into Tropical Storm status. The satellite images look quite impressive. But it's next problem, as it approaches the Lesser Antilles, will be the wind shear that has been mentioned.

So it looks as if it will be at it's peak as it passes near Barbados. But it's peak shouldn't be too bad. As always the strongest winds will be on the Northern half of the storm, and most models now show it passing North of Barbados.

The last position I found was It is still above the track of Ivan. More on Kirk tomorrow morning. Good morning, We use the Caribbean's natural air conditioning, the Easterly breeze.

Unfortunately that means that if it rains we have to close the window! So having been woken up and seeing the eastern horizon showing a glimmer of light, I decided to stay up.

Kirk is still remnant of Kirk. What there is of it is still moving westwards, towards the Windwards. It appears to be breaking free of some of the dry Sahara air, and likely to increase in intensity a bit over the next day or so, before hitting the wind shear.

There could still be tropical storm force winds to the North of the disturbance. Viewing the various sites, it does appear that it could pass near Barbados then St Vincent in two to three days time.

Still light rain as I send this. Plenty of showers visible in all directions. The radar only shows a few more to the East.

Thn Satellite images show a larger area of what looks like heavier rain beyond a line from Tobago to Barbados - this is not Kirk, but part of a preceding tropical wave.

Mon, 24 Sep Now will this still be Kirk or not? Anyway, as soon as it, or if it, becomes a cyclone it is going to have to fight the high level winds wind sheer that Kirk was going to face, this will make it short lived.

I am struggling to find updated model tracks. As soon as I know I will update. Been a bit of an overcast day here. High level cloud coming off of S.

America, I guess this is flowing on the same air stream that will disrupt the new Kirk. Kirk is now remnants of Kirk.

It looks as if the large amount of Sahara dust that it was passing through has clobbered it. NHC are no longer issuing advisories on Kirk.

I will still monitor the remnants of Kirk. It's last reported position was 9. A lovely sunrise this morning. We have a gentle Easterly breeze.

No showers showing on the radar. It looks like a nice day. Sun, 23 Sep Kirk is just about to cross the path of Ivan, from South to North, a bit of good news.

It is also less powerful at this point than the "I" storm. Having looked at various web sites, it seems that the models currently have Kirk going between St Vincent and St Lucia.

I stress that is the current scenario. But most models are having it stay as a tropical storm. But even if this is the case, it could still drop lots of rain.

This will change as the storm approaches. I did receive an email from someone asking ' will this storm boldly go where no other storm has gone before'!

I did reply that there isn't anywhere in this group of islands that hasn't been visited boldly or otherwise by one storm or another.

Now we wait and see what tomorrow brings. Kirk has continued to move towards the West, and just slightly North. It is now just 30 miles South of where Ivan became a Tropical Storm.

The predictions are at the moment for it to continue on an almost Westward course. The NHC prediction is showing that Kirk is expected in our neck of the woods with the forecast track line currently running through, just below Barbados and near St Vincent, late Thursday, early Friday.

Most models appear for it to remain a Tropical Storm. Apart from the odd blip on the radar, it seems that most of the day should remain dry, with just a chance of a shower.

The showers I mentioned yesterday somewhat gathered together and gave us quite a soaking, just as I was leaving Real Value! Have a good Sunday.

I see 99L has become Tropical Storm Kirk,. Sat, 22 Sep I have just come in and found that many people are ahead of me in finding 'Captain' Kirk has developed from 99L.

Now we have to see how 'Enterprising' this storm will be. Will it beam itself across the Atlantic and materialise in the Lesser Antilles?

At this point I think I will stop the puns, you will be pleased to know, basically as I can't think of any more.

Kirk looks as if it will have a fight on it's hand. Being so low a latitude 8. Apparently it is expected to move faster, this should also slow down development, along with expected high wind shear, it looks as if it will not develop further than Tropical Storm.

Most Models have Kirk moving slowly up to about 10N then travelling due West, before doing a slight turn in a more Northerly direction before passing close to Barbados.

But we need to watch this one over the next few days. Whatever happens, let's hope it remains in the TS category, or less. But Kirk has still miles to travel so we should wait and see and be prepared.

And to John, thanks for reminder - Kirk will be in our vicinity in September, so too Early for "October: And with climate change, who knows.

Another bit of interest, Kirk is just approaching the point at which Ivan was a Tropical Depression 9.

Still miles to reach the same Longitude and already a TS. Plus another miles before Ivan was named. I will be watching, thanks for the emails. Invest 97L has become Tropical Depression 11, it appears it will not intensify much during it's slow journey.

Currently about miles due East of Barbados. The intensity models take it into the Tropical Storm category fairly soon, but it looks like they are not predicting it to strengthen much after that - we hope they are correct.

The track models show it continuing more or less due West for the next 5 days. This brings it just East of the Barbados region.

It's current position is 7. It looks like a nice day with the chance of rain showers later. The current weather radar is showing a band or rain showers about midway between Grenada and Barbados, moving West towards us.

Have a nice day and weekend. Fri, 21 Sep I have been very quiet for the last week, as has the Atlantic. But now things are warming up.

The two weather systems I mentioned last night are: Invest 97L currently about It shows up clearly on satellite images as a small blob.

It is very slow moving. Invest 99L , This has only just left the coast of Africa, it is at 9. Also, the few model tracks that I have seen so far do show it coming almost straight across the Atlantic, with only a slight northerly component.

This weather system is moving fast towards the West, at between 15 to 20 MPH. I will be keeping a close eye on these two. Yesterday was so hazy!

Today it is slightly better, at least I can see the horizon, just! I believe Sahara dust may have been causing the haze.

This is also what helps to slow the development of hurricanes, so I would rather have the haze than the storms, any day. Very little rain showing on the radars.

Satellite images confirm this. It looks like there is a low chance of rain, maybe the odd shower. Have a good day, Hogan.

Thu, 20 Sep About 6 days away in the Atlantic, we have a weather system 97L which does not have a high expectation of developing.

But just coming off of East Africa is a system worth keeping an eye on. Fri, 14 Sep Isaac seems to be rebuilding West of Dominica.

It appears that it didn't want to hurt after last year. There are still plenty of heavy showers around, including just off to the SW of Grenada.

We are getting lots of distant, to Westerhall, thunder. Guess nearer the airport it is noisier! Still we have our breeze back, at last.

Slept better last night. Nothing else on the Eastern horizon, yet. Thu, 13 Sep Isaac has apparently gone through the Lesser Antilles, but Although the radar shows clouds circling a point which is now west of Dominica, there are still large showers to the East of Dominica.

It does appear that Isaac has really broken up. Looking at the various airport weather data the low pressure seems to stretch all the way down from Martinique to Grenada.

With very little pressure gradient there is very little breeze still. Barbados does seem to be getting a SE breeze at last, so guess we will follow shortly.

This has been a strange storm. I have just been outside and have noticed a slight SE breeze picking up and all the boats in the bay are pointing towards the SE on their anchors.

We haven't had any rain today, but have heard a single clap of thunder out to our SE about 2 hours ago. Now it looks as if we will have a break for a while, apart from some trailing rain from Isaac, maybe.

Helene heading for Ireland and the UK. Joyce, which is mid Atlantic, is predicted to a loop then head off, maybe following Helene. And there is a disturbance in the Gulf of Mexico.

But for us, a breather, nothing as yet coming off of Africa, although there is a tropical wave in the area of Capo Verdes.

On satellite images, it is difficult to detect Isaac. It just appears as a few heavy showers. I am guessing it could still bring some strong winds in Guadeloupe and Dominica, but nothing like what was expected.

It looks like Florence and Helene robbed Isaac of a good bit of it's fuel. I hope this is correct. Down here in Grenada, the sea was like a sheet of glass 30 minutes ago.

To the West it is clear blue sky. The Eastern Caribbean radar, which should be picking up Isaac by now, is showing a few, some large, heavy rain showers in the vicinity of where Isaac should be.

They are showing a circulation, but not we would normally expect from a Tropical Storm. Down here in the South of the Lesser Antilles there are a few showers, but not many.

All the best up north, and hope we get those southerly breezes I am expecting, very soon. I think tonight will be better. I don't like air-conditioning, but the last two nights I would have switch it on - if I had it!

Wed, 12 Sep Looking at satellite images, Isaac seems to have broken up somewhat. The central pressure has risen to mb which is much higher than for some time.

It really looks as if has been weakened. I think the problem as it passes through the islands is rain, rather than wind.

That is if it continues as it is. It's current position Anyway, it has drifted further north. If i am reading the satellite images correctly then most of the heavy showers seem to be to the East of the centre.

But it still looks like Dominica will get hit by whatever there is of Isaac, hopefully no more than a Tropical Storm.

Look out my friends in the UK. With Florence about to cause havoc in the USA. A new girl on the block is TS Joyce. She is doing a circle in the Northern Atlantic before following Helene before, maybe, following Helene!

So for tomorrow Thursday , I expect hardly any breeze first thing, but as the day progresses I expect to see or feel a change of wind direction, more from the South, with a steady increase in the wind speed -that will be very welcome.

And, Thanks to the people that approached me at 'Dodgy Dock - Street food, saying they always follow my post.

So now I go to bed with no breeze and very stuffy. Tomorrow night should be better. A last look at the radar shows a few showers coming down from the North, hope they cool us down.

All the best to Dominica and adjacent islands Thursday All the best. Having caused some interesting weather here in Grenada - heavy rain in the SW.

Isaac is still on it's course for midway up the Lesser Antilles. We are still in a hardly any breeze situation, with what little there is coming from the NW.

There is lots of high cloud as predicted with a few breaks. Have a good, probably stuffy, evening. Isaac has remained a tropical storm and looks as if it will stay that way.

With Helene to it's East and Florence to it's NW it looks as if they are taking much of the warm moist air fuel out of it. Even so, with Isaac just over miles away from Grenada we are beginning to feel it's affects.

It is putting a stop to our usual trade winds, as the air is being sucked in to it. All the models show it entering the Caribbean between Martinique and Guadeloupe that puts Dominica in the middle.

But it does look as if it will remain a tropical storm. This morning, in Grenada, there is no wind to speak of, the reason I mentioned above.

Until Isaac moves into the Caribbean we won't get our trades back. But expect to get a breeze from the North or North-West, this will please those living on the West Coast, or on west facing hill sides yes my friend Pat, you MAY get a slight breeze today and tomorrow.

I am expecting an increase in high cloud outflow from the tropical storm as the day goes on, unfortunately this could spoil a telescope viewing we had planned for this evening.

The radar shows a lot of showers moving down from the North-East, all part of the outer rings of Isaac. So it is possible that we could have some heavy showers, maybe thunder today and tomorrow.

Have a nice day and think of our friends in Dominica. Let's hope it is not bad for them. Tue, 11 Sep This morning I see Isaac has reduced to a tropical storm.

The NHC have it reverting to hurricane strength, briefly, before going through the islands at tropical storm strength. It is still heading due West.

Only a couple of models have it turning sharp right before hitting the islands. There are only a couple of blips on the weather radar.

Enjoy what little breeze there is today as Wednesday and Thursday we could have the air sucked out of us with even less wind than now!

Mon, 10 Sep Since this morning the path has dropped to Latitude We must hope this drop in latitude is just a blip.

The models still show it with Dominica in it's sights. Looking at the various web sites I am wondering if the other two large hurricanes on either side are sucking in some of the moisture which would otherwise go into Isaac?

Another look at Isaac tomorrow morning. Isaac is due to pass through the island chain on Thursday, it's Westward march has continued overnight, with just a slight move towards the North As for Grenada, if everything goes as planned, all we should get is wind direction change probably from the NW, then moving through to South, any breeze will be very slight except from squalls around storms.

These will only be slight breeze. Note the last bit of this para is my personal forecast based on past storms. There are very few showers showing on the radar, today, and there is only a slight Easterly breeze.

I don't expect any increase of the breeze until Isaac has passed Friday! All the best, and let's hope for Dominica's sake that this storm will be minimal.

Best of luck to the islands up north. Sun, 9 Sep Isaac has stayed on the same latitude It is about miles east of Martinique. But with 4 days to go, we should all keep an eye on this and at this time of year be prepared.

The radar shows a few scattered showers to the East of us, a similar pattern to yesterday. So I expect a chance of rain showers, possibly locally heavy.

Sat, 8 Sep It has crept a little bit north now It is also likely to be a Cat 3. Let's hope it turns north before reaching the Caribbean.

I mistakenly said the next one was going to be called Helena. Helene is predicted to turn north and stay in the Atlantic.

This leaves 92L-TD9 to probably become Isaac. This morning it was centred about Most of the models are having it moving directly West with Martinique it's target.

Only a few have it turning North. As for today, the current weather radar is showing a few scattered showers to our east.

Possibly the odd quick shower at anytime during the day. Hope you have a nice day. Fri, 7 Sep The two storms that have just come off of Africa, which I have referred to as 92L the first one and the nearer to us has now been called Tropical Depression Nine TD9 , whereas 93L, the one that has just popped off Africa early today, was given Tropical Depression status before 92L.

So which of the above will be a named Tropical Storm is your guess. SO for the time they will fight it out as to who becomes Helena and which Isaac.

So watch this space. But just a brief update about 92L or TD9, since this morning it has moved further West, and unfortunately a little bit south.

It is now at Still there is no consensus as to what path it will take. With some models having it heading for the middle of the island chain and others swerving north before reaching the Caribbean.

I know which I prefer! With the probability cones stopping just off the Martinique area. Tomorrow will bring TD9 within the 5 day cone area of the Lesser Antilles.

Grenada is not out of the woods, so keep watching. Before I go on to the more important part of the weather, I have just experienced what I believe is called 'sunrain' or 'sunshower'.

It was raining quiet heavily so I went out to try to get an idea how long it would last, only to find the rain was coming from a clear blue sky above and for a large distance all around.

I looked this phenomenon up and it seems there are very few explanations for it.



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